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Tulsa Metro Moms

We are accepting new members at this time.  You can apply to join  and will be approved after background checks are complete.
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Tulsa Metro Moms is a group for mothers all over Tulsa and the surrounding area. We are an exciting group that is growing rapidly. We have a calendar packed with events that suit the needs of both working moms and stay-at-home moms. We offer many playdates and special events each month. Playdates are held every week and divided by age group. We also hold special events such as twice a month weekend play dates, family nights, park days, nature walks, mothers day and night outings, scrapbook parties, monthly birthday parties for our children, and meeting up for all of the activities that Tulsa has to offer. We are a great group of moms who have tons of fun getting together. This group gives mothers and children the opportunity to get out of the same daily routine and socialize. There are no yearly fees at this time and all of the activites we offer are attended by choice. We also offer on-line chatting with each other for advice, general mommy talk, and making great new friends. All members are encouraged to share ideas and suggestions that will benefit the group. Thanks for considering us for your playgroup needs!